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BELIEF/Kiriki Fuku - By making ``necessity'' a belief and maintaining a constant amount of ``strength,'' you should be able to obtain ``blessing.''
When we met for the first time, Gashi was from the Container Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. mentioned above.
Gashi was established in 2009 and is now in its 13th year.
Gashi has further developed the arrogant electric control/metal container manufacturing technology and has started a completely new initiative. Based in Wuji City, Jiang Province, China, we supply products related to manufacturing and containers to Japan, China, and Nanya.
Technologies ranging from container control equipment to container systems to transportation and storage processes are required as a force that is closely connected to ordinary households, and we will make unremitting efforts and dedication to this end.
[Necessary] Necessary / Necessary / Inevitable / Necessary / Inevitable
[Power] Imagination power / Action power / Decisive power / Strength / Effort
[Lucky] Welfare / Fortune / Bliss / Happiness /荣福
It is necessary to believe in the power of good fortune, the amount of constant "power" to be re-applied, and the "good fortune" to come to the meeting.



Company's name Belief Engineering Technology (Wuxi) co.,ltd
Address 2F, Building A, Songqiao Wuxi Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, 16 Xixing Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
President Kentaro Yoneya (Chairman and General Manager)
Business Tank Equipment System; Control System; Trading; Metal Fabrication Specialists
telephone number (+86)-510-81819791
Website URL
Email address
Establishment August 2022
Main products and business All Types of containers; Tank devices,Tank System; Plant (factory) related control system.
Automation Control system; Metal manufacturing; Elctronic equipment sales; Various electronic materials & After-sales service.
Number of employees Thirty
Registered capital 20 million yen (1 million RMB)
Transaction bank MIZUHO, HSBC, ICBC


Corporate history

  • 2009年07月 Wuxi Belief System Coporation was established in Wuxi in July 2009.
    < The company's purpose is to provide industrial automation control system equipment for Japanese companies in China >
  • 2012年04月 Alongside Kanematsu KGK Trade&Sales (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., we signed a contract with Western Japan Electric (EDM machine) to act as the designated maintenance agent
  • 2012年12月 【Wuxi Belief Trading Corporation】 was established in December 2012
     Our main purpose is to provide sheet metal processing products, precision machinery processing products, and to assist customers with alternative product options in order to expand our business.
    < Started sales of industrial equipment, sheet metal and precision machining parts for semiconductor industry >
  • 2014年04月 Kanematsu KGK Trade&Sales (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., we have imported exhaust gas treatment, soundproof BOX and production equipment for Toshiba's new factory in Hangzhou.
  • 2015年05月 We have been certified by Japan Logistics Machinery Co. LTD. with a Designated Agent Qualification
    < Started export business of stainless steel tank containers to Japan >
    < Simultaneously we have also started domestic sales of stainless steel tank containers in Mainland China>
    * We have started to sell our products in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and automotive industries.
  • 2015年10月 We have attented the FNA Manufacturing Exhibition in October 2015.
  • 2016年08月 We started to supply electrolyte handling tanks to Central Nitrate (China Local Company) in August 2016.
  • 2017年04月 We have provided automated control systems to Japanese pharmaceutical companies in China since April 2017.
  • 2018年02月 We set up a group company 【Wuxi Rendong Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd】in Febraury 2018.
    We have started the self- production and marketing of sheet metal processing/stainless steel containers and we have also started to produce and sell vacuum pipes to the semiconductor industry.
  • 2019年06月 Established 【Bizdoor Trading HongKong Co.,Limited 】
  • 2019年11月 We have started to provide self-produced control cabinets to 【Kanamatsu KGK, Japan】at their Japanese processing center.
    We supply our control cabinets to 【Japanese J-Tect Group]】for their machining center equipment.
  • 2020年04月 We have dispatched electrical engineers to China and Taiwan to test equipment for ADVAN ENG Co., LTD. (vacuum furnace manufacturer)
  • 2021年03月 We export electronic control components to 【Kanamatsu KGK, Japan】
    We export electronic control components to 【ADVAN ENG Co., LTD.】
  • 2021年04月 For the purpose of production reformation and rationalisation, the three companies of the Group merged to the same factory.
  • 2021年07月 Obtained ISO14001,9002 certification
  • 2022年08月 Enterprise integration (Belief System Electric/Belief Trading)
    The company was renamed ⇒Belief Engineering Technology (Wuxi) co.,ltd
    Our factory products transformated to a liquid, powder integrated production equipment manufacturer.
    Started self-production and self-marketing of container systems and devices


Certification related License

Quality Management System ISO9001

As Link Light, we have built our business around understanding our client's needs & expectations, in order to deliver valuable and excellent products and services. Above all, based on our key motto: "friendly with our planet", we provide high quality recyclable new products and new technologies in future new fields.

Environmental management system ISO14001

As Link Light, we have built our business around understanding our client's needs & expectations, in order to deliver valuable and excellent products and services. Above all, based on our key motto: "friendly with our planet", we provide high quality recyclable new products and new technologies in future new fields.

NBK designated agent

As the designated distributor of stainless steel containers for Japan Logistics Machinery Co., Ltd, we are based in China and we sell to Asian countries.

MEIDEN authorized agent

In cooperation with MEIDEN, we are authorised in selling and maintaining their unmanned handling robots and unmanned handling systems. We are committed to creating value for our customers.


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